President / A.P.&I.A.

Anthony Arispe

Anthony, founder of Arispe Aviation, has made his primary focus tending to the general aviation community. His mechanical career started as a general repair mechanic, to avionics installation, followed by working with the Department of Defense in all the hottest parts of the world. Anthony has come full circle back to General Aviation with the experience and professionalism that this field needs. Anthony has created a shop that will give the million dollar aircraft owners feel to all his clients. All the while spending time with his family, running marathons, and rock climbing with his wife, Jamie.  



Jake is an mechanic at Arispe Aviation. His mechanical journey started shortly after he got in a car wreck and had to utilize a bicycle as his main form of transportation. He began restoring bicycles, then mopeds, then motorcycles and really anything else he could get his hands on. From there, he went to school at United Bicycle Institute to study bicycle mechanics. After a 5 year stint as a mechanic in the bicycle industry, he decided to combine his new found ability with his lifelong passion, airplanes. 

Office Manager

Stefani Dardaganian

Stefani's love of airplanes came as a direct result of sky diving. She used to be a regular diver at Skydive Dallas, racking up over 450 jumps. After her injury she stayed deeply involved in the community and ultimately found her niche in cleaning airplanes. The only thing she loves more than general aviation is animals. She works part time as a foster mom for dog shelters around Mckinney, TX.